In celebration of all of the nominated apps in the 2008 Best App Ever Awards, we'll be hosting a massive promo code giveaway starting Monday, 1/12. Thanks to the developers of the promoted applications, we have over 200 promo codes for 40 different apps to give away! We're going to give them all away next week. There are two way to sign yourself up for the giveaway:

1 - Follow us on Twitter (@148apps) - we'll randomly DM a promo code to some of our followers.

2 - Become a fan of our Facebook page. I'll randomly send messages to our Facebook fans with promo codes.

It's just that easy. The smart person would do both -- it doubles your chances.

In addition, we're going to give away a grand prize with the winner getting 20 promo codes.

Check back next week for more details.

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