Bleach Bypass Adds Flair To iOS Images

Posted by Blake Grundman on April 12th, 2011
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Though I am not a photo expert by any stretch of the imagination, I can still appreciate when a photographer goes out of their way to try to produce an altered perspective on how an image appears.  One such way that artists attempt to achieve this type of altered effect is through the use of image bleaching.  While some would have to employ the use of high end and expensive pieces of photo editing software like Photoshop to gain this desired modification, there is now an app that can achieve this from the comfort of your own iOS device.

The creation of developer James Moore, the new app Bleach Bypass allows you to add a cinematic appeal to photos that you wouldn't otherwise be able pull off without leaving the device itself.  As you can see from the image at right, the results are pretty amazing.  Clocking in at a mere ninety-nine cents, any photo junkie should be able to justify the purchase.


+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2011-04-01 :: Category: Game


iPhone Screenshots

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BleachBypass screenshot 1 BleachBypass screenshot 2 BleachBypass screenshot 3 BleachBypass screenshot 4 BleachBypass screenshot 5

iPad Screenshots

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BleachBypass screenshot 6 BleachBypass screenshot 7 BleachBypass screenshot 8 BleachBypass screenshot 9 BleachBypass screenshot 10
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