We've got the exclusive details of the first major update to The Moron Test in over a year. With over 35 million downloads in the series, this update is sure to make a lot of fans happy.

The soon to be released 6.0 update includes the new "Tricky Treat" level. Here are the first couple sections from that level in the following video.

If you have never played The Moron Test, the above video also gives you an idea of what The Moron Test is all about. It's a quick, reaction puzzle game featuring a great variety of simple, yet devilishly fun and confusing read and react puzzles. So devilishly fun in fact that over 1,200 man years have been spent playing the Moron Test games. That's nearly 2.5 million hours.

We got a chance to speak with Berkeley Malagon from DistinctDev, creators of the Moron Test about this update and what's in store for lovers of the series.

148Apps: So it's been over a year since your last big update to The Moron Test. What have you been up to in that time?

Berkeley Malagon: At the end of last year we decided it was time to create a sequel for The Moron Test. In December, we launched The Moron Test 2, and that has kept us pretty busy this year. We've released three great sections for that version featuring animations, a fantastic new art style and some of the best puzzles in the series. Behind the scenes, we grew the team from three people to five people and moved to Seattle, WA to open our first office.

148: Can you tell us what we have to look forward to in this update?

Berkeley: "Tricky Treat" is a brand new set of halloween-themed puzzles coming soon for the original version of The Moron Test. It's really the best section we've made in the whole series. It's the culmination of years of practice creating mind-bending puzzles that seem simple, but trick players into failing in ways that have them slapping their foreheads. It's also the most polished section we've made, featuring new characters, funny costumes, and all sorts of spooky silliness.

148: What's the thinking behind doing an update to The Moron Test instead of a Moron Test 3?

Berkeley: We were trying to decide what to work on next after launching "Field Day", the latest section in the sequel. A third game in the series was an option, but the timing wasn't right - there's still a lot we want to do with the current two titles. We realized the timing was perfect for making our first halloween-themed section, and we thought it'd be fun and for us and our fans to update the original with a huge unexpected free section. We had a blast making it, and we think fans will have a blast playing it.

148: What do we have to look forward to from The Moron Test?

Berkeley: Fans can expect both the original and the sequel to keep getting love, so they should get both games and watch for the great updates. Fans should also like our Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/themorontest) for sneak-peeks, updates, and exclusive content not found in the games.

Keep an eye out for the update to The Moron Test. It should be hitting the App Store any time now.

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