Sorry for the headline pun, but we couldn't help it. Appsbar is a startup that launched in April, giving anyone the ability to publish their own professional level apps for submission to the App Store (as well as to the Android Market).

Last week, Appsbar brough in some new functionality, allowing business who take advantage of the free Appsbar creation tools to include appCoupons - digital coupon functionality, easily added to any app created with the web based tools.

“The proliferation of smartphones, social networks, and the community that is growing out of appsbar has let us create this perfect, all-new way for businesses to directly make and deliver digital coupons without all the restrictions and without any of the cost,” said appsbar co-founder Scott Hirsch. "Our goal is to give businesses of any size a way to maximize the effectiveness of digital coupons. Now businesses can build and share appsCoupon on any social platform, email or mobile database they want."

The application of such an easily produced system should be obvious to business owners who are looking for another way to use coupons in their bid to take over the retail world both locally and nationally. In addition, appCoupons will let businesses control their own coupon promotions, without giving away any of their control or profit, as might be true of a service like Groupon.

These digital coupons can be created using the same wizard and back-end code checker that is included in the free Appsbar set of tools, which can include calendar, menus, soundboard, graphics and GPS capabilities. Once created, the business owner can then notify the users of their app that a coupon is ready for quick and direct marketing. In addition, Appsbar tools allow apps made with the system to be shared on social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

While apps made with Appsbar are necessarily simple, a savvy business owner could well take advantage of such a system to bring the power of smartphones and digital coupons to their own local business. Be sure to check out Appsbar's website for more info.

Two apps made with Appsbar:

Don King

iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
Released: 2010-12-16 :: Category: Game


Jill Martin

iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
Released: 2011-02-05 :: Category: Game


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