Amazon Instant Video is now available on iPad, expanding out the Amazon's vast library of video offerings to iOS users. This offers streaming of purchased movies and TV shows from Amazon, with the ability to sync up watch lists between devices. It also includes titles available from Amazon Prime, similar to Netflix, a service offering over 120,000 streaming movies and TV shows. It is only available as a yearly subscription from Amazon as part of the Prime service that also includes free 2-day shipping on Amazon items.

The app does not support AirPlay, so those looking to use it on their TV will have to find an alternate device to stream through, like a game console. It should be noted that Netflix doesn't support AirPlay, either, but it's available on the Apple TV directly. And? On pretty much every other device that can connect to the internet. Seriously, I have 10 devices that could watch Netflix, not counting computers.

iPhone and iPod touch users are currently shut out of using Amazon's service entirely. Similar to the Kindle app, buying and discovering new videos to watch is not included, as it must all be done through the browser in order to comply with Apple policies.

Amazon Prime Video

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2012-07-31 :: Category: Game


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