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Get ready to rock and sock some robots in Intruders – Robot Defense

Posted by 148Apps Staff on March 16th, 2017
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Got a real hankering for guns, strategy, and all things manically mechanical? It might just be worth checking out Intruders – Robot Defense, which has recently been released for iOS and Android.

Letting players roleplay as an overseeing commander during the midst of an alien invasion, it’s your task to keep the enemy hordes at bay using swift thinking, tactical planning, and lots and lots of guns. Defend your base, disrupt the alien reinforcements, and guide your troops across 80 distinct stages throughout 4 unique locales in the effort to see off the alien invaders.

Intruders – Robot Defense’s reflexive tap controls aims to ensure that all players have an easy time carrying out any desired instructions, with 4 individual game modes from Rush to Time-Attack each offering a different gameplay hook with plenty to do.

Enhanced HD 3D visuals not commonly seen amongst other mobile games in the genre help give Intruders – Robot Defense a better chance of drawing the eye, and with multiple achievements to unlock and in-game leaderboards, you wouldn’t be blamed for losing hours to the game’s core strategic robot fighting warfare.

Intruders – Robot Defense is available to download on iOS and Android.

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Defend the kingdom of Zanira in puzzle-solving adventurer Tiles & Tales, now available on iOS and Android

Posted by 148Apps Staff on March 10th, 2017
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Chock full of colourful tasks and challenging puzzles, Tiles & Tales is a free to play Puzzle Adventure RPG set within a fantastical universe of medieval knights and mythical monsters. The game recently enjoyed a successful launch courtesy of its publisher European Games Group and the game’s continued to grow in both content and community ever since.

Free to download from both the Google Play and App store, simple screen swipes, flicks, and taps seek to provide an intuitive gameplay, letting players steadily level up their hero and compete with friends thanks to seamless Facebook connectivity.

The adventure begins soon after choosing from Tiles &Tales’ roster of four central characters, setting players on a journey to match many a coloured tile and level up their hero, fighting enemy foes and unlocking powerful upgrades as they do so.

Developers Trilith Entertainment and Playata have been toiling away since the game’s original launch, creating a better experience through update 1.13.3. The new update irons out several small bugs, rolls 35 levels into one dimension at a time, and combines story and adventure mode into one neat package.
Tiles & Tales is free to download on both IOS and Android now.

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The Prince of Persia takes to the stage in Lilith Games’ Soul Hunters’ latest update

Posted by 148Apps Staff on March 10th, 2017
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

After Assassin’s Creed’s Ezio Auditore last year, developer Lilith Games is proud to introduce today yet another Ubisoft iconic hero to Soul Hunters: the time-bending Prince of Persia.

80 million players worldwide have already experienced Soul Hunters, a unique Action-Strategic RPG. Originally launched in 2015 with 80+ heroes to collect and take into battle, Lilith Games have since then kept on adding new heroes and expanding ways for players to create their ultimate dungeon-crawling party and achieve victory in PVE and PVP modes.

The new Soul Hunters update will be available for download today with the Prince of Persia joining the ever-expanding character roster of the game with his one-of a kind powers and abilities. Fans will be delighted to discover this legendary new hero, to learn how to master his iconic time powers, and to team him up with their favourite Soul Hunters characters.

So come join millions of players fight exciting real-time battles and experience the incredible powers of the Prince of Persia in the new Soul Hunters update, free to download today on the Apple App Store.

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Mobile Hero RPG Knight Fever soft launches on Android from today

Posted by 148Apps Staff on March 7th, 2017

Hero defence meets robust role-playing mechanics in Knight Fever, the new spiritual successor to idle runner Buff Knight which aims to let players’ scratch that medieval mobile itch. The game is celebrating a successful soft launch in Canada and Germany, with publisher Webzen looking to roll out globally in the near future.

It’s weapons and war machines galore in Smilegate’s new tank battler Super Tank Rumble, available now

Posted by 148Apps Staff on March 3rd, 2017
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Publisher Smilegate is giving players the chance to “mortar-fy” their enemies this February in tactical tank battler Super Tank Rumble, available to download now on iOS and Android devices.

Placing just as much emphasis on intuitive assembly preparation as well as thrilling online PVP battling, Super Tank Rumble makes it easy to customise the ultimate war machine thanks to simple drag and drop controls. Collect parts, earn upgrades, and blend them all together in the game’s creation mode, you’ll be tanking your foes for the memories in no time.

Risk it all with turn-based multiplayer warfare in Attack Your Friends! available now on mobile devices

Posted by 148Apps Staff on March 2nd, 2017

Swedish game developer Play by Turns is aiming to revive the classic competitive action of board games past with their new release Attack Your Friends!, a mobile game inspired by the likes of Risk which places emphasis on turning friends into foes, and foes into dust.

Attack Your Friends!is free to download now from the App Store, giving players the opportunity to enjoy global domination in slick asynchronous multiplayer gameplay. You’ll never be forced to play online with others at the same time thanks to simple push notifications that let you know when you come under attack. You’ll be able to move your troops and gain the advantage whenever is convenient.

Slay your way to glory in idle RPG Endless Frontier

Posted by 148Apps Staff on February 23rd, 2017
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

It’s a golden age for idle games on the mobile market, and those addictive little clickers have a new best friend. South Korean developer Ekkorr released Endless Frontier last year, and players have been idling away the hours in the company of its heroes ever since.

It all starts with our hero Erin, who has vowed to defeat the Prince of Darkness, even if he has to die a million times in the process. Reincarnation is a beautiful thing…

You’re in charge of a band of fighters as they work through stages of enemies, each incrementally more difficult with the occasional boss thrown in. There are an impressive 1,500 stages, so this isn’t really a game you should aim to complete any time soon (the clue is in the name).

There are over a hundred heroes you can use in your cohort, from four different character types – humans, elves, orcs and the undead. The more you play and the higher your level, the more powerful the units available to you, and the further you can progress. Later on, you’ll even be able to farm pets to add offensive and defensive skills to your army.

Ekkorr consciously dispensed with the Gacha system, so you won’t be gambling away your hard earned resources or IRL cash for a tiny chance at unlocking some kind of legendary weapon or unit. Everything’s about upgrading existing units, instead, simplifying the RPG element of the game.

Endless Frontier also offers the chance to play one-on-one PvP, join guilds and battle with rival guilds in raids. Most idle games don’t worry too much about competition or the social aspect of online play, whereas Endless Frontier gives you the chance to make allies and challenge your heroes beyond the standard stages.

If you like the sound of an idle game with exciting fantasy battles, then why not download Endless Frontier for free from Google Play or the App Store.

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Fantasy MMORPG MU Origin’s receives a huge new update

Posted by 148Apps Staff on February 21st, 2017
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Developer Webzen are looking to take their highly popular fantasy battler MU Origin to the next level this month, with its most ambitious overhaul yet.

The latest update introduces the long sought after Server Arena, new treasure dungeons, and much more, so sharpen your swords warriors.

Recruit more scallywags and discover new monsters in Oceans & Empires’ new grand update

Posted by 148Apps Staff on February 17th, 2017
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Get ready to show off your sea legs all over again in Oceans & Empires’ new grand update, which aims to make the act of rising to the role of seven seas ruler even more fresh and appealing, thanks to a richness of new content on both iOS and Android.

Craving more of a challenge when building up your fleet? Joycity have got you covered thanks to the addition of many new sea monsters now levelled between 31 and 33 to keep players on their toes. If this seems daunting at first fear not captain, because the update now also increases the max castle level cap from 30 to 32, letting you sail to success.

There’s even a new vessel to seek out in the form of a new tier 13 ship known as the Vulcan, but if that doesn’t make you raise an eye-patch or two, The new tier 11 ‘Sword Master’ troops certainly will. Providing you’re willing to continue dominating your foes and raise your castle to the new max level, you’ll be able to recruit these new landlubbers and add the Vulcan to your shipyard in no time.

Looking underneath the ship’s deck, Joycity have also found time to increase Oceans & Empires online stability, merging servers 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, and 10-11 to better help players enjoy the smoothest swashbuckling experience possible.

Oceans & Empires’ new grand update is available to download on iOS& Android from today onwards, so ready the sails up once again and seek victory.

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Obokaidem Injects New Levels Of Cuteness To App Store With Ninja Spinki Challenges!!

Posted by 148Apps Staff on January 27th, 2017
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Fancy navigating a cute little guy in a ninja suit around a fast-paced, beautifully designed virtual world, ensuring he doesn’t get crushed by a myriad of obstacles? Think you’ve got the skill to take on a game by the same creator who had us cursing at the deceptively tricky Flappy Bird? We’d like you to meet new release by Japanese publishers Obokaidem: Ninja Spinki Challenges!!.

Build the ultimate creature collection in Creature Quest, the new RPG strategy game from legendary game designer Jon Van Caneghem

Posted by 148Apps Staff on January 26th, 2017
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Designed entirely from the ground up for mobile devices, Creature Quest is the latest game from Might and Magic creator Jon Van Canegham. Seeking to seamlessly blend collectible RPG mechanics with addictive turn-based strategy, the game is free to download from today from the App Store.

Collect pets and sling arrows in Arcane Online’s latest update

Posted by 148Apps Staff on January 23rd, 2017
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Mobile gaming is a crowded market, but regular updates are a good way to keep us attention-short players keen. The brand new content in Arcane Online is a prime example.

Published by Japanese developer Gala, Arcane Online is a fantasy MMO that tasks you with saving the land of Eldine from monsters (and humans, too). All the hallmarks of the modern mobile RPG are here to keep you entertained – quests to complete, guilds to join, characters to customise and loot to win.

The update features a fun new buddy system, making battle more nuanced. You can collect and raise 28 different familiars, from roosters to mimics, and summon them during combat. Buddies have active and passive skills to aid you. You can even name them – take on the forces of darkness with Fido and Snowball at your side.

There’s an additional character class, too. You can fight alongside mages, warriors and shamans as usual, but also as a formidable archer, slinging arrows at anything in your way.

Plus there’s a new guild vs. guild event called Dominion Wars. Up to twenty players on each side battle for control of six different territories in Eldine, with the winners reaping the rewards.

Sound like fun? If you’d like to give it a try you can download Arcane Online for free from the App Store and Google Play.

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3 Reasons GoNNER is a Must-Download Game this Holiday

Posted by 148Apps Staff on December 30th, 2016

Developed by Art in Heart, a studio founded by programmer, game designer, and artist Ditto, GoNNER is a procedurally-generated platformer featuring a skull-headed protagonist named Ikk. Now available to download on NVIDIA SHIELD, the game is one of the most charming and enjoyable indie titles of the year. Here are three key reasons why you don’t want to miss out on GoNNER..

An Imaginative Indie Adventure and Premise

Over the years, heroes have embarked on harrowing quests for any number of reasons. They've saved princesses and realms, searched for spectacular treasure, sought life in the aftermath of a tragic apocalypse, and fended off alien invasions, just for starters. Ikk has a slightly different goal. His good friend Sally, a whale who is somehow stuck on land, could really use some cheering up. Ikk figures he can accomplish that task by venturing into the mysterious caverns nearby and retrieving delightful trinkets.

On his journey, Ikk will encounter a variety of environments and master spectacular abilities that improve his chances at survival in the treacherous caverns. There are boss battles to look forward to, as well as hidden secrets and multiple endings, in the event that you successfully help Ikk reach the end of his quest.

Procedurally-Generated Action

Like many other games that make difficulty and procedurally-generated level design key components of their design, GoNNER plays out with rogue-like mechanics. A trip through the game is a "run," and you're not likely to persevere on the first attempt. Instead, you can learn from your mistakes and start over as necessary, armed with fresh knowledge and even improved gear that slightly improves your chances at eventual success.

In addition to artistic visuals and challenging design, GoNNER features a satisfying scoring system for competitive players to master. You can simply work to survive, killing the denizens of darkness in whatever manner proves most convenient, or you can work to score combos that secure you a top score and a prime spot on the leaderboards. Surviving in style is much better than doing so by the skin of your teeth.

Its Visual Aesthetic Shines on NVIDIA SHIELD
Featuring a vibrant art style in everything from the procedurally generated worlds you explore to the creatures you’ll cross paths with, GoNNER boasts striking art direction that leaves a lasting impression and really brings the gameplay experience to life. Its pastel colored settings and characters are also sharply contrasted by the darkness that surrounds you. And despite its minimalistic design, the game looks great on NVIDIA SHIELD.

GoNNER is available now on the SHIELD Android TV for $6.69. If you've been wondering what adventure can challenge your elite skills next, you should definitely add this game to your collection.

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How To Maximize Your Amazon Digital Day Savings

Posted by 148Apps Staff on December 25th, 2016

Don’t miss great savings coming December 30th with Amazon Digital Day. The event
will offer Android users discounts of up to 50% off and deals that include a wide
selection Dollar Deals items priced at $0.99 or less on the best digital content around. If
you own an Android smartphone, Fire tablet, Kindle, or Amazon Fire TV, you should
start counting down the days until December 30th.

For now, we’re sharing tips to help you get the most out of your upcoming Digital Day shopping spree. Follow our gameplan and you’ll not only save money but end up with an Android device bursting with exciting games, movies, music, and books.

Prepare Your Device

With over a thousand discounts and deals on tap, chances are good that you’ll find
multiple items that you’ll want to download. If you scored a new Fire tablet or
smartphone for the holidays, you probably have tons of space to spare, so keep it that
way: you don’t want to run out of storage space mid-event. If you’re a longtime Android
user, now’s the time to give your device a spring cleaning and free up some space for all
the cool stuff you’re going to buy.

If you’re a Kindle, Fire tablet or Fire TV user, the only thing you have to do from there is
navigate to amazon.com/digitalday on December 30th and grab what you want.

Amazon customers who own a non-Amazon Android device just need to download the
Amazon app and enter your account login.

Check Amazon’s Recommendations

Amazon will feature a selected list of the top items from 2016. Every title carries at 4+ star rating as reviewed by actual customers, so you won’t end up buying something less than stellar. Look at each Digital Day category page, such as Family Time, Pass the Popcorn, and Dollars Deals, for more selections as well.

Take a Chance on Something New

Many of you will use Digital Day to double down on the things you already love like
items for your favorite game and a digital copy of a beloved movie. But Digital Day is
also a great opportunity to experience something you normally wouldn’t try. Say you
play action games, but you see a hit puzzle title being offered as a Dollar Deal.
If the reviews and star rating look good, why not give it a shot? Chances are, the game is
a killer value even at regular price, so getting it for $0.99 or below could be a worthwhile
purchase. The same goes for movies, albums, and eBooks: a big discount can be a
great enticement to try something new.

Let The Whole Family in on The Fun

Digital Day will have savings on items for families, so consider getting together to pick
items that you can all share. The young gamer in your home could choose something
related to a game they can enjoy, such as Dr. Panda Ice Cream Truck, or help choose a
movie for an upcoming family movie night! Parents will also find plenty of audio- and
eBooks to add to the family’s digital library for reading time as well as tunes to amp up
the shared family music collection. As our homes get more connected, events like Digital
Day can be a great way to provide wholesome, quality entertainment that everyone can
access and enjoy!

We hope these tips help you get the most out of Amazon Digital Day on December
30th. Remember to check amazon.com/digitalday for details, download the Amazon app to your device in advance, and most importantly, have fun!

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Become the richest beekeeper in casual clicker game Honey Beellionaire

Posted by 148Apps Staff on December 23rd, 2016
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

If you’re a fan of incremental clickers, then you should be buzzing about the latest app from indie studio Eper Apps.

The aim of the game in Honey Beellionaire is simple – gather as many gold coins as possible by tapping the magic flowers at each location. However, you don’t have to do all the work yourself. You’ve got a whole hive of bees happy to help out. These buzzing buddies of yours will busy themselves gathering coins whether you’re tapping the screen or not. Look out for the Butterbee, who will occasionally fly by with a box of bonuses in hand - you can nab it with a simple tap.

What does a beekeeper do with all that gold? Well, with your well-earned riches, you can buy upgrades for your hives, as well as hatch new and improved varieties of bees. As you complete tasks and progress through the game, you’ll unlock new locations to gather gold in. You can also compete with other players to top the global leaderboard.

The games graphics are cute and colourful, and the gameplay itself can be as casual as you want – you can tap away or let your bees do all the work. Close the app and your bees will continue to gather gold for you, so you can relax and worry about other things.

If you’re looking for a new incremental clicker, Honey Beellionaire is available for free from the App Store and Google Play.

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