What's New

1.2.1 Update =--
- fixed snap interval, was locked at fastest time
- fixed green video on 720p 16:9
- added 1 minute / 1 hour as an interval choice
- fixed camera view getting mis-aligned for some people

From 1.2 Update =----
- General crashy-ness fixed
- Now choose tracks from your iPod library for your videos
- New WiFi Transfer mode for easy video transfer through web browser
- USB Transfer via iTunes file sharing for frames and rendered videos
- New frames viewer with preview player and larger/faster previews
- iPad 2 support
- Added flash mode button to turn on/off flash
- Added orientation lock button to lock camera in certain orientation
- Added common HD resolutions like 720p and 1080p for rendering
- Simpler resolution choosing for capturing and rendering based on your device
- Set custom resolutions for videos
- Better FPS choosing for rendered videos, now any FPS is possible,
- You can now choose your desired video length in addition to desired FPS
- Button to set the video length to chosen soundtrack length
- Videos should export reliably to camera roll
- No more green video issue
- Faster rendering with estimated time left
- Rendering can occur in background for mutli-tasking devices
- Better quality videos at different resolutions
- Added video quality setting for precise control of video file size/quality
- Improved facebook and vimeo uploading support

* Sorry it took us so long to get out an update *
We know many people were having issues and we're sorry about that.

App Description

iTimeLapse - Create stunning time lapse and stop motion videos straight from any iphone, iPod, or iPad 2!

Finally, you can make and share Time Lapse videos like the pro's without having to sync to your computer.

It's so easy, anyone can do it... be an artist!

iTimeLapse allows you to capture a series of images rapidly and then compile them into a video.

iTimeLapse lets you create as many sessions as you want, adding images to them at any time... No need to finish in one sitting.
Then as soon as you're ready, you can compile the images into a video and share it in many ways: YouTube direct upload, Facebook, Vimeo, Email it, Export it to your Camera Roll so it syncs with iPhoto, USB transfer, or WiFi transfer too!

Add Music from your iPod library!
- Pick a song right from your iPod to add to your videos

- iTimeLapse lets you add music tracks into you compiled video with one click.
- We worked directly with musicians to compose some sweet tracks for the app
- and even included some classics like Chopin and Beethoven to add some emotion into your videos!

User Gallery
have you created the next greatest time lapse sensation? you can submit it to our top gallery right from the app.
You can also view the gallery from the app to check out what other people are creating.

Stop Motion Videos:
Want to make professional stop-motion animation? how about ClayMation?

With the 'overlay last frame' feature, you can line up your next shot for awesome stop-motion animation!
You can also set sound to trigger the camera capture for hands-free operation.

Sound Capture:
-Catch that sneaky burglar by only capturing when the phone detects a noise.. (you can even set the noise threshold level)

Here are some cool time lapse ideas anyone can do:

• Make a road trip time lapse
• Watch fruit rot away
• Take one picture of yourself every day for a year!
• Point it at the sky and watch how the clouds move


- Create and add to multiple time lapse projects simultaneously

- Edit individual frames: capture a bad image and want to delete it? no problem!

- Add a time stamp to each frame in your video - just like a real security camera, you can see what time each frame was captured, great for sound capture mode.

- Add free music tracks to your video with one click

- Render your video at different frame rates and resolutions.

- Capture frames at any resolution, over any time interval, set start date, end date, plus lots of other options.

- Submit your video to our gallery and watch other people's videos from within the app

Checkout timelapse-iphone.com for tips and tricks, forums, user gallery, and more!

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Read more on http://timelapse-iphone.com/

iPhone Screenshots

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iTimeLapse Pro - Time Lapse videos screenshot 1 iTimeLapse Pro - Time Lapse videos screenshot 2 iTimeLapse Pro - Time Lapse videos screenshot 3 iTimeLapse Pro - Time Lapse videos screenshot 4 iTimeLapse Pro - Time Lapse videos screenshot 5

App Changes

  • July 30, 2011 Price decrease: $1.99 -> $0.99
  • August 02, 2011 Price increase: $0.99 -> $1.99
  • November 14, 2011 Price decrease: $1.99 -> $0.99
  • November 21, 2011 Price increase: $0.99 -> $1.99