Visit The Zoo From The Sofa With Pocket Zoo HD

Posted by Jennifer Allen on July 28th, 2011
iPad App - Designed for iPad

I never get to visit zoos as often as I like as my nearest zoo is over an hour's drive away. Throw in the expense of visiting and it's just not as frequent as I'd like.

It's a similar problem for the likes of my young cousins who don't get to see animals anywhere often enough other than through the internet or books. Pocket Zoo HD won't whisk anyone physically to a zoo but it does the next best thing by offering over 30+ live animal cams so that users can see creatures from all over the world.

Animals available to view include amongst others the cuddly penguin, the majestic tiger, the quirky meerkat and the fearsome killer whale. Pocket Zoo isn't just about live cameras either with over 200 wildlife videos included as well as a virtual zoo with series of original animal illustrations. A string of facts are also included to educate young animal fans as well as real animal sounds.

Pocket Zoo HD looks like an ideal app to while away some time alongside younger relatives. It's out now for the iPad, priced at $3.99.