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Mipwr Launches Kickstarter Campaign for its Hand-Operated Charger, Battery Pack, and Protective Case

Posted by Andrew Stevens on September 27th, 2013

Mipwr has launched its Kickstarter campaign for its hand-operated charger, backup battery, and protective case for the iPhone 5 and 5S. It's a great idea for anyone who needs to find alternate power for their iPhone. There are 22 days left in the Kickstarter campaign with a goal of $78,000, so make sure to check it out if this is something of interest to you!

WildCharger...Pesky Cables Be Gone!

Posted by Tony Kicks on September 10th, 2009

"Lazy Bones"...I'm sure all of our mothers have called us that at one point or another but did you know that this was the name of the first ever TV remote control? Seriously, it was designed by Zenith and released to the world in the early 1950's as the wave of the future. By today's standards you probably wouldn't even recognize it as a remote, with only a few buttons and a long pesky cable that stretched across the room it was less than practical. This was eventually remedied though with the advent of the alkaline battery which made it's way into all sorts of gadgets like remotes, electric razors, etc. However this led us to a new problem, batteries die and then need to be replaced. Enter the rechargeable battery! But wait now we're right back to having cables to charge everything, we just can't seem to get rid of these darn things...until now. Meet WildCharge an innovative company from Boulder, CO that brings us a step closer to eliminating all of those wires.

This is a company that's been around for a little while with their WildCharger Pad but just recently came out with a skin for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It is easily used by taking any device that is in a WildCharge Skin or has an adapter attached to it and placing it on the charging pad and almost magically the device will begin its normal charging cycle. The first time I did it I literally giggled, extremely cool stuff here, very Jetsons like.