App Description

Your favorite songs are now a game! Turn any music from your iTunes library into an asynchronous tap game. No need to ever buy more songs, simply use the songs you already own to play.

As Beatstream analyses your song, it creates blue and yellow barriers in places related to the beats of the song. You are a two-faced arrow, one side blue, and one side yellow. Your mission: try and make your way down the track without crashing into the barriers. The barriers change between the two colors, so you must match the color of the arrow to the color of the barrier. Tap anywhere on the screen to flip the arrow between it’s two sides.

Turn your iTunes library into a game and customize your experience.
- Select any song from your iTunes library.
- Every song is unique! New game tracks every time, with barriers specific to that song.
-Choose your mode of play: Normal or Warped.
- Set your difficulty: Easy, Normal or Hard.

Blast your way through the color changing beat barriers by tapping anywhere on the screen to flip the arrow.
- You are a two-faced arrow, one side blue, and one side yellow.
- The color of your arrow is the key! Match the arrow color to the barrier and blast right through, mix the colors up, and lose points or end up in tragic silence.
- Colorful backgrounds change and pulse to the energy of the song!

Get a thrill as you try your hand at Warped Mode, where the game adapts to your performance.
- The more barriers you blast, the faster you and your music go.
- Hear your favorite songs speed up to warp speed as you continue to blast through the barriers.
- Can’t stop messing up? You’ll keep slowing down until you get back into a streak.

Take it to the next level and get into the game!
- Unlock new features while playing.
- Earn badges for frequent players.
- Compete for a spot on the Game Center global leader boards.

Note: Under two circumstances Beatstream cannot analyze your songs.
1. Songs in your iTunes library purchased from iTunes before 2009, may not work because they are DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected.
2. Using iTunes Match may cause some issues if you have never listened to the song on your device before. After listening to the song once, it will download from the Cloud and there shouldn’t be any other problems.

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iPhone Screenshots

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App Changes

  • March 21, 2012 Initial release