WineStein Pro aims to take the mystery out of wine & meal matching

Posted by Jennifer Allen on March 22nd, 2011
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

I wish I knew something about wine. I enjoy wine. I know what I like about wine. But I have to rely on advice and iPhone apps in order to have a clue about them. By the looks of things, WineStein Pro is right up my street offering some pretty comprehensive information on all things wine.

WineStein Pro is a wine calculator, basically. You enter the meal you're planning on eating, right down to how you're preparing each ingredient, tap the button and WineStein Pro determines the best wine to go with it. Giving you a score out of 10 as to its compatibility, WineStein Pro explains what type of wine it is (such as red or white, dry or not), what kind of price you should expect to pay (using Euros as a guide rather than dollars) and the grapes used. If you pay the $2.99 annual subscription fee, you can also look at more than one result and filter according to wine type and price if you're on a budget.

It's all pretty comprehensive covering more than 2000 ingredients, 600 wine types and hundreds of sauces. While an internet connection is needed to process the calculations, WineStein Pro has pretty much everything covered. It's free to download and the extra options such as filtering and more variety is only $2.99 for a year or $0.99 for a quarter. Plus it's an universal app. What more could you ask for?