Friday Five for May 28th, 2010

Posted by Jeff Scott on May 28th, 2010

Bonnie is away this weekend, so I thought I'd jump in and present the weekly favorite five. We've got a mixed bag this week with everything from a triple-A game to a personal medical app.

Splinter Cell: Conviction
Another week, another blockbuster game comes to the iPhone and iPod Touch, this time from Gameloft. This week we have the iPhone port of Splinter Cell: Conviction. This game has a lot of the splashy effects of the console version including the text projected on the scenery that everyone is so impressed with, the mark and shoot, etc. And of course there is all of the stealthy goodness. Grab it now, but don't let anyone see you.

Wired Magazine
Get 'yer future of magazine publishing here. Fresh off the tubes. Wired magazine showed off their idea of the future of magazine publishing would be a few months ago and now they have delivered it. All 500 MB of it. There are embedded movies, connected links, and interactive illustrations. But at $4.99, it's crazy expensive. Digital should never be much more than print - and this is 6x the usual $10/year subscription cost of Wired. They need to do something about that, but the app itself is pretty great - I could get used to reading magazines like this. But, only if they are comparable in price.

Cubed Rally Racer
We got word about Cubed Rally Racer last week and we were impressed with the video. It looked like a fun casual racer. Well it has now been approved and it's as fun as we'd hoped. You race your boxy race car around various courses avoiding traps, hitting jumps, and collecting red gas cans. Check this one out.

Web MD
iPad loving hypochondriacs rejoice! WebMD has released a great iPad app providing lots of the functionality of their website, butmade it portable. The app includes features like symptom checker, drug database and pill identifier, and basic first aid information. A great app to have available at your fingertips.

The Facility
This mystery game was created as a project by students at Tufts University. The game has no, and needs no explanation except swipe or tap the sides to move between rooms. The game is a mystery and you have to solve it. Discover what happened at the facility. A bit spooky, very dark and mysterious, grab this game before they start to charge for it!

And since I can, I think I will throw in another app. A bonus to make up for the fact that you have to put up with me while Bonnie is away.

Omium from Nimblebit is innovative in a few ways. For one, two players share the same screen, one defending and one attacking. While one player is directing the attack ships, another player is trying to stay alive by shooting them or avoiding them. While the game itself looks simple, the ideas behind and the possibilities for the future are not. It's a very fun, well made two player game for the iPad.