Discover New Sights With Trover

Posted by Jennifer Allen on May 17th, 2011
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Trover is a new form of social network that's focused on sharing photos and their location with friends and other people interested in the subject.

It's a free app that requires nothing more complicated than a Facebook account for connectivity. Opening the app allows users to see immediately photos of places within a short distance of their home. The app arranges photos in order of how far away they were taken so that users can quickly determine just how far they need to travel to see something. Upon selecting a photo, users can then read the description that the photographer left with the photo as well as a Google Map image displaying exactly where the scene was taken.

As is customary for most social networking tools, users can then choose to follow other people via Trover and regularly check in on their latest images and visits.

Adding their own photos is simple to do too in a manner quite similar to Instagram but with a location based slant. Simply tap the relevant button and take the photo from within the app, or users can always retrieve an image already in their photo album.

Trover's a pretty neat idea. It means that users have a way of keeping track of their own life as a kind of visual diary. It also means that users can learn about new sights and scenes from within Trover and go explore them at a later date. I was particularly impressed to see some beautiful scenery only 40 miles away from me that I never knew existed. Trover's has fantastic potential for when on holiday as it could really help users discover some great nearby places. After all, some of the best places aren't always obvious to tourists! That and of course users can always highlight great scenery, thus ensuring that everyone gets to share in the beauty of their surroundings.

Trover is available now for all iOS devices and it's a free download.