Amberground Digs A New Niche In The App Store

Posted by Rob LeFebvre on August 2nd, 2011

In their first game for the App Store, Trionit Inc. has released Amberground, a universal game app that treads some new ground for the App Store, though savvy gamers may notice some similarities to the indie hit on Facebook, Little Cave Story.

Amberground sets players with the task to help Amber, the titular heroine of the story, find her way through maze-like caves, digging up soft ground to obtain gems and other treasures and avoiding obstacles such as hard ground, bombs, and monsters. There are 100 unique levels set in five different locations, and gamers can use their puzzle solving wits to solve them all. Bonus points are achieved by picking gems of the same color in 20 combo runs. In addition, they can use bombs and boulders to kill monsters and destroy specially marked walls.

Other features mentioned:

-use magic to grab gems, push stones and bombs or dig soil to open passages
-farm gems by enclosing up to 39 mushrooms before they turn into a pile of stones
-kill monsters to get their treasure
-get 1-3 stars for your mining performance (1 star required to advance level)
-choose between left and right handed controller layout
-Invite your friends to compete for the top rank in leaderboard and see who unlocks more achievements.

If the visual style and whimsical level design in the screenshots below don't inspire, there's always the gameplay video, showing the first five levels of the game, as well as a 50% off sale for the first week.