Trackdance - Good For Apple Employee Parties

Posted by Chris Hall on July 30th, 2010
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad's newest release, Trackdance, is hoping to be all the rage at your next college party.

"Trackdance allows your iPhone/iPod screen to display spectacular digital light shows to the beat of your music or music around you. You can also connect as many iPhones together as you like so the effect will appear over them all -- great for nights out, concerts, and also most especially house parties."

The idea, which came from an American teenager, is quite neat, but could do more with the implementation. There are 3 effects in Trackdance, of which one, the text scroll, is really cool. The other two are a fireworks show and flashing lights said to match the beat, but in the videos they look fairly random.

Check it out yourself in the video below, and if you get it, make sure that you are with the right crowd before busting it out in a party. Remember... there have to be a bunch of iPhone's to make it cool.