Favorite Four: To Do Apps

Posted by Lisa Caplan on September 14th, 2011

There is a lot to get done at this time of year and dozens of apps to help us stay on top of all of everything. There are some great full-featured task-managing systems and calendars on the App Store, but this week we wanted to focus on apps that keep it simple. Here are four to do list apps that will keep users on task and on budget. If we missed your favorite be sure to let us know.


Wunderlist is a robust cross-platform task management app . It uses cloud syncing to keep information up-to-date across all of a user’s iOS devices. Wunderlist allows for list sharing, email reminders and push and badge notices and even lets users customize the look. The app allows for a lot of detail, sorting is easy and best of all it’s not ad-supported and there are no in-app purchases. Wunderlist is completely free.


InstaTodo allows users to quickly enter and manage a to do list. The app uses task hierarchies to keep a user focused on what’s most important and allows for sub-task lists to handle complicated projects. It also has reminders, sharing and all the task management features expected from a full-features to do app. What sets InstaTodo apart, however, is its use of templates. The app comes with dozens of general use templates that can be further customized, or any user-created list can be saved as a template for future use.

Do It (Tomorrrow) HD

A procrastinator’s friend, Do It (Tomorrow) is the simplest of task managers. This has a gorgeous GUI and a single focus- what needs to be done today, and what can be put off until tomorrow. Users quickly and easily create a to-do list that looks handwritten, and either tick off completed tasks or shunt projects to tomorrow. While it sounds simple, it actually is really helpful when managing the small details that come up every day – the ones that no one has time to enter into a complicated calendar app. The paid HD version syncs lists across devices.

List Buddy

This to do app prides itself on simplicity and flexibility. The GUI is clean and uncluttered and the app allows unlimited list and sub-list creation. List Buddy has "One Touch Delete" for removing multiple lists or items at a time and an internal search function. List Buddy even remembers previous entries - when it recognizes the first few letters of a new item it will fill in the rest. The sorting options are extensive, sharing is easy and multiple list management is built right in.