Tango Offers A Free Alternative To Facetime

Posted by Blake Grundman on April 5th, 2011
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Living in an Apple centric world, it is hard to imagine that anyone would want to use anything for video chat other than the standard Facetime app.  However, sometimes we forget that there is a large world outside of the cushy comforts that the iOS provides. Our good friends over at Android Rundown can attest to this firsthand.  Now I am not saying that they are any better off than we are in iOS land, but it would stand to reason that from time to time you may actually want to video chat with someone on an device that uses the Android platform.

This is why the creation of the the Tango Video Calls application is so incredible, because not only do you get to chat for free, but you can also exchange pleasantries with your buddies on Android as well!  Due to the constantly evolving ecosystem of the parallel platforms, the software is constantly being upgraded. This most recent release includes the following:

  • We now support multi-tasking. Check your email, browse the web, or send a text message while in a Tango call!

  • Improved look and feel on several Tango call screens and icons

  • Both audio and video is established more reliably when a call starts

  • Your Tango Contacts are sorted based on preferences you set in your device’s address book

It is good to know that not only is this app frequently getting updated for functionality, but there are also new and welcome features being added all the time.  Even better yet is the fact that there is a free alternative available to Facetime.  This is not to say that Apple's software suite isn't stellar as it is, but personally, I am all for having options.

We have heard through the grapevine that Tango only takes thirty seconds to configure and then you are online, free and clear.  So what is your excuse for waiting?