PowerVocab Aims to Educate and Enhance Your Vocabulary

Posted by Jennifer Allen on March 11th, 2011
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

One thing that's sometimes very easy to forget - whether you've got an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad in front of you, you've got one of the most valuable educational tools you can possibly have. PowerVocab taps into that side of the App Store by offering you a great way of extending your vocabulary.

Using various algorithms and other complicated things, PowerVocab is there constantly encouraging you to improve by tracking what words you've figured out the definition of easily enough, and what terms you need work on. You might think you know your stuff but you're bound to be flummoxed by a word here or there. Being able to keep track of how you're doing is all the more useful.

Offering 600 words in all, there's plenty here to boost your word power. It's an ideal app for those studying at the moment or those who just want to enhance their vocabulary. It's made even more attractive by being a free download.