FrEEday Vol 50

Posted by Chris Nitz on June 24th, 2011

Fish Galaxy:
Anyone who has ever mumbled the phrase: "Like shooting fish in a barrel" now have an app to put the money where their mouth is. Fish Galaxy places a bubble gun at the bottom of the screen and it is up to players to skillfully shoot fish as they swim by. Those that get bored with capturing sushi can also enjoy one of the 11 bonus mini-games to mix things up. With 42 different fish to catch, it is going to be a busy day at sea.

Magic Zoo:
This is no ordinary zoo full of boring lions, elephants, or penguins. No, this zoo is packed to the brim with awesome creatures like a genie, ogres, Pixies, and even an unicorn. Players will need to customize their zoo with hundreds of decorations to encourage visitors to come check out the baby Mad Hatter. With hundreds of new creatures to breed, this is one zoo that will always be fun to visit.

Ninja Rescue:
Pigs seem to constantly be getting a bad rap as of late, and they are not taking it anymore, especially when a wolf kidnaps the beloved little pigs from the village. Ninja Rescue is all about solving puzzles by placing various items in the world to solve dilemmas so the Ninja Pig can roll, and bounce, through the stage in order to get to the little piggy. Don't forget, pigs do bounce, so air tactics will also need to be considered. Is anyone else hungry for bacon now?

Secrets of the Dragon Wheel HD:
Gamers who want to stop murder and mayhem in exotic locations like the far east need not look any further. Secrets of the Dragon Wheel places players in the role of Epiphany O'day as she tries to track down the evil Dragon Wheel artifact. Help Epiphany find the clues by locating hidden objects scattered about various scenes. Finding Waldo may be easier than piecing this puzzle together.

Bok Choy Boys:
Little Orphan Susan's dreams are no longer safe thanks to the invasion of Numbskullz, and thus is it up to the player to help rid her dreams of this nemesis. Players won't go at this alone as they can recruit the help of the Bok Choy Boys to fight off the dream invaders. There are 35 levels to strategically battle though with 12 different Bok Choy Boys ranging from Fire, Sky, Luck, Snow, and many more. The battle will be intense, but this is one dreamland worth saving!