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The Voyage Review

The Voyage Review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Not quite as gripping as one would hope, given its handful of issues, The Voyage still remains mostly fun for those looking for a Layton style fix.

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Mojo Bones is set to release The Voyage later this month, which is a puzzle game that puts players in the role of a pirate. There are 100 puzzles for players to solve in a game that also features 6 difficulty levels and 29 puzzle mechanics. There are different puzzle categories for all difficulty levels, which includes logic, perception, timing, arithmetic, and more. The latest trailer can be found below.

- Fully-voiced cut-scenes featuring your comical adversary Captain Bucklebeard.
– Interactive events: from preparing pirate snacks to crafty lock-picking.
– Collect map pieces and decipher clues as you aim to solve the mysteries of Velvet Marley’s lost fortune.
– iCloud & Game Center support.

The Curse Review

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
The Curse is a collection of challenging but enjoyable puzzles, each more fiendish than the last. There's a fun story within too!

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Here at 148Apps, we like to keep you informed on all the latest developments and games or apps set for release shortly, but thought it was about time that we also learned a little more about the people behind such great creations. This week, we take a look at UK-based developer, Mojo Bones.

Who are Mojo Bones?
The company is comprised of art man Mark Norman, programmer Andrew Jones, design guru Stuart Ryall and Clarence, a slightly sinister sounding caretaker of the website.

What is Mojo Bones most famous for?
Currently, it’s Tongue Tied, an enjoyable physics platforming game. Players have to help two dogs called Mick & Ralph navigate 50 levels, while the dogs are permanently attached at the tongue. It’s not always the easiest of games, but it’s pretty fun and certainly quirky. Completing tricks is a particular joy to behold.

What’s next on the horizon?
Funny you should ask that, as Mojo Bones’s latest title, The Curse, is coming out this Thursday. It’s pretty different from Tongue Tied! as it’s a puzzle game with Professor Layton-style qualities. Players have to complete 100 puzzles in order to beat the evil Mannequin. Some are quite simple but many involve a lot of lateral thinking. We liked what we saw when we checked it out last month and we suspect you will too.

Anything else I should know about Mojo Bones?
Oh yes, we had a few words with Stuart Ryall to see how he felt about things.

148apps: What’s your favorite thing about iOS development?
Stuart Ryall: One of my favourite aspects of developing for iOS is the way that it forces you to approach development in different ways to more traditional platforms. Not only do you have to consider that the people who end up playing your game might not actually be gamers, but you also have new control methods to think about, alongside the fact that gameplay is much more ‘short-burst’. I think it’s great when you’re forced to revaluate what you already know, and the world of mobile always keeps you on your toes. Creatively, it also provides a lot of freedom.

148apps: Is there an iOS app or game that you wish you’d developed first? If so, what apps/games?
Ryall: Tough question. Every week there are interesting new games popping up on the App Store and the competition is extremely high (which, again, is a good thing). It would be tough to pick a single game as there are so many but I think there are key aspects from certain games that really stand-out. I love the artistic style of Sword & Sworcery and Machinarium (great soundtracks too) and you can never overlook the perfect simplicity (and influence) of games like Tiny Wings, Angry Birds and Cut The Rope. It’s also great when you discover games that make perfect use of the touch screen. Solipskier is a great example.

Where can I find out more about Mojo Bones?
Check out their website, Facebook page, YouTube Channel and Twitter account. And, of course, we’ll keep you informed on all the latest including a full review of The Curse very soon.

A new gameplay trailer for Mojo Bones’ latest release, The Curse, has been released.

The guys at Mojo Bones, previously famous for cutesy dog-based puzzle game, Tongue Tied! have been busy working away at The Curse since releasing the first teaser trailer in February.

I was fortunate enough to get a hands on preview of The Curse and things are shaping up to look pretty great. 100 puzzles will be available to the player, with a creepy nemesis by the name of Mannequin linking everything together.

Puzzles are a varied bunch. While some puzzles will require players to piece together complex jigsaw pieces, others require careful lateral thinking to slide blocks together or draw a set number of lines to block off certain sections. Word based puzzles also feature with plenty of riddles to confound the old gray matter. The bite sized nature of these puzzles lend themselves perfectly to the iOS format and it’s a great sign of how quickly ‘just one more puzzle’ turns into another half a dozen.

Don’t expect an easy ride, though – there are some real brainteasers within the selection and The Curse should prove quite an enjoyable challenge to puzzle fans.

The Curse is set for release this summer. Expect a full review on 148apps when it hits the App Store.

Mojo Bones Tease Puzzler The Curse

Developers Mojo Bones, previously best known for dog based puzzle game Tongue Tied!, were kind enough to send us over a teaser trailer of their new game The Curse, set to be released soon.

The Curse is a story-driven puzzle game that Mojo Bones promise will be unlike any other. Players will have to solve the mystery of an ancient book in order to defeat the Master of Mischief himself: The Mannequin.

The game will offer 100 levels (or pages as the game prefers to call them), each with an unique puzzle, ranging from riddles to tests of logic and skill. A whole wealth of puzzle solving skills will be required in order to master the game and defeat the evil The Mannequin.

To continue the refreshing feeling, fans of jazz music (like myself) will be especially pleased to hear the swinging soundtrack inspired by 1930s jazz music.

We’ll be sure to keep up to date on all the latest The Curse information, as and when we get it.

Tongue Tied! Review

Tongue Tied! Review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
A challenging but stylish twist on the physics platforming genre.

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Dog Based Adventures With Tongue Tied

There’s something heart warming about the companionship between two dogs, even if those dogs happen to be attached by the tongue such as Mick & Ralph in Mojo Bones’ first iOS title: Tongue Tied.

Arriving in early December, Tongue Tied follows the exploits of Mick & Ralph as they traverse their way through 50 levels, hoping to eventually retrieve the WonderBone. As the names and concept suggests, it’s going to be a pretty zany ride with an entertaining combination of platforming and physics puzzling.

It promises to include numerous tricks and bonuses to keep things interesting as well as a form of levelling up system, leading to many unlockables. Besides the 50 story levels, there’s also the promise of 30 separate DogHouse levels boosting the replayability of the title.

With a graphical style that clearly takes a few ideas from classic cartoons, I reckon Tongue Tied will be ideal for young and old alike.

Tongue Tied will be out next month. For now, gaze at the gameplay trailer and screenshots below.


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