Mojo Bones Tease Puzzler The Curse

Posted by Jennifer Allen on February 21st, 2012

Developers Mojo Bones, previously best known for dog based puzzle game Tongue Tied!, were kind enough to send us over a teaser trailer of their new game The Curse, set to be released soon.

The Curse is a story-driven puzzle game that Mojo Bones promise will be unlike any other. Players will have to solve the mystery of an ancient book in order to defeat the Master of Mischief himself: The Mannequin.

The game will offer 100 levels (or pages as the game prefers to call them), each with an unique puzzle, ranging from riddles to tests of logic and skill. A whole wealth of puzzle solving skills will be required in order to master the game and defeat the evil The Mannequin.

To continue the refreshing feeling, fans of jazz music (like myself) will be especially pleased to hear the swinging soundtrack inspired by 1930s jazz music.

We'll be sure to keep up to date on all the latest The Curse information, as and when we get it.

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