Milo: Local Shopping Makes Price Comparison Shopping Much Easier

Posted by Jennifer Allen on December 6th, 2011

Since the summer, Milo: Local Shopping has done an excellent job of ensuring that its users can search nearby stores for items all from the comfort of their sofa.

It keeps track of what items are in stock across over 50,000 stores while also enabling users to check up on which store has the best price for each item. For those already in the store, RedLaser barcode-scanning technology ensures that they can just scan a barcode and immediately see price comparisons. In one simple double whammy, Milo: Local Shopping saves people time and money.

In its latest update, it goes one step further with users able to buy an item through the app and simply go to the store to pick it up.

A free app, it'd be silly not to try Milo: Local Shopping really. Odds are it's going to save plenty of time and money in no time at all. Milo: Local Shopping is out now.