Friend Trend Makes Twitter Personal

Posted by Chris Hall on November 29th, 2010
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

There's really no better way to find out what's going on in the world than to see what is trending on Twitter. From Twitter, I know that Leslie Nielson's death is the top story of the hour, but many are talking about the Andre Johnson beat down of Cortland Finnegan in Sunday's Texans vs. Titans football game. From you can even find out what is trending in a few different locations, but that is the extent of your trending customization.

Aki Creative didn't think that this was good enough, so they created an app that gets around the nonsense and only shows you what is trending amongst your friends... as they are the only real people that you communicate with. To accomplish this, Friend Trend cycles through all of the tweets that you get and ranks the most tweeted words, phrases, and hash tags, giving you a concise list of the daily talking points. The app then goes further and lets you sort through the trends of the last hour, last six hours, last twelve hours, or even the last 1000 tweets.

After a quick use of Friend Trend, I learned that everyone I know is talking about Cyber Monday, and far too many of my friends use washed up adjectives like "awesome" and "amazing." Maybe tomorrow my friends will talk about something slightly more interesting, with all the deals being over for the week. My only complaint about the app is the unsightly color scheme, but it's definitely not a painful experience.

If you want to personalize your Twitter experience and really pinpoint the trends of the people who matter the most, be sure to download Friend Trend. It's not the best Twitter app out there for your basic tweeting needs (although it does get the job done), but it is a fun way to look at your Twitterverse.