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Quick Update on Gunnar Glasses - Do They Really Reduce Eyestrain?

Posted by Jeff Scott on May 9th, 2014

When I first started seeing Gunnar glasses at conferences and mentioned here and there, I blindly dismissed them. Tinted glasses that can actually help with eye fatigue? Yeah right. Fast forward a couple years and Eli Hodapp from Touch Arcade starts talking about them. He said he wears them and noticed a difference. Hmm...

I’ve always had eye strain issues — comes from spending 14 hours a day, every day, in front of a computer screen I guess. Just seemed to be part of the job. I check in with an optometrist every once in a while to make sure I’m not doing damage. Everything has been fine, but I do notice eye fatigue. So, when Gunnar offered to send me a pair through their PR agency, Sandbox Strategies, I said sure, let’s give them a try.

This will sound like an infomercial, but imagine my surprise when they actually worked. Yeah, really. They aren’t miracle glasses or anything. But when I remember to wear them there is a noticeable reduction in eye fatigue at the end of a day. Who’d a thunk it? A product that actually does what it says.

So are they useful to me, yes? Will they be useful to you? Check out their site and see what you think. They do have a money back guarantee that makes the risk a little less.

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