Five for Friday: Week of February 18, 2011

Posted by Chris Nitz on February 18th, 2011

Van Pershing – The Showdown:
Van Pershing is a side-scrolling run and gun action game. You control Van Pershing through 20 exciting levels. Along the way you will decimate seven types of enemies with four different weapons. The included endless mode will give you plenty to come back for. Besides, you know you want to see what that monsters freezer is all about!

Zombie Runaway:
The number 1 rule for zombies: eat all the humans and run from the crazy folks swinging long pointy sharp things. Instead of hunting down zombies, this game puts you into the role of the zombie. Don’t think your going for the humans though. This is a game of running for you life. Good thing items like rockets are available to help get that loveable zombie away from those pesky humans. Not all zombies are bad….right?!

Romance of Rome:
Thieves have stolen extremely valuable imperial relics. It is now up to Marcus to hunt them down. In return for this good deed, Marcus will receive the emperor’s beautiful daughter in marriage. You will be searching for relics across 17 lovely locations during your 30 level gaming experiences. With over two dozen trophies to earn, you’ll be searching a long time to master this game.

DrumtrackHD takes the critically claimed groundwork of Drumtrack8 and completely revamps it for the iPad. There are new audio effects, track automations, sample patterns, and HD drum kits. These are just the surface of what this powerful app is capable of. The new UI makes it even easier to create a song, mix it up, and then export it as a MIDI, wav, aac, or adpcm file for further editing. The iPad is proving to be a powerful tool for any musician.

As crazy as it may seem, baseball season if quickly approaching. Before the first season opener takes place, why not dive into a bit of baseball history. Pennant allows fans to view data from over 115,000 games. This data spans from 1952, all the way up to last years season. Snag this app, learn about your favorite team, and school anyone who dares to take you, and your baseball knowledge, on.