Looking to “liven up” contacts on mobile devices, LiveContacts has created LiveContacts for iPhone, Android, Windows 7 Phone and Symbian devices. The app promises to “spice up” the standard contact app on mobile devices, offering to save new phone numbers, photos, and addresses as they change, in real time. We’re assuming that the app will use a web-enabled back end to search out contacts publicly available information, then offer to sync it to the iPhone and other devices if it is different than the information stored there locally. Users will also be able to search the very same publicly available information for people they wish to contact.

In addition, LiveContacts will sync users’ contact information, and then connect that information to any other phone enabled with the same account. This could be a boon to users with more than one iPhone, or possibly a combination of different devices. In addition, if the device gets lost, LiveContacts will allow users to sync the data to a new device, through a simple login. Cloud-save saves the day once again!

LiveContacts will be “available soon,” so stay tuned right here for an update as soon as we know more.