Emblem Tools for Black Ops: Now Call of Duty Addicts Can Test Emblem Creation Whenever, Wherever

Posted by Carter Dotson on February 2nd, 2011
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

While this is an iOS apps site, not all of us play games on just iOS devices. Shockingly, there are even games on other devices that people play on their PC or game consoles! One of these shockingly non-iOS games is Call of Duty: Black Ops. One of the neat features that the game includes for user individualization is the ability to create custom user emblems. By placing and morphing the various emblems available, users can create original designs (although some people have taken this opportunity to create designs that are either offensive or vulgar - sometimes they're creatively offensive, but still offensive) to express their creativity.

Now, the problem is that to create or toy around with these emblems, you have to be actually playing the game to play with the emblem creator, and you might often be thinking of making an emblem between rounds of the game, never getting any time to actually play around with the emblem maker. Or, you might think that you want to play around with your emblem while you're on the subway or train. What recourse do you have then? Enter Emblem Tools for Black Ops.

This unfortunately unofficial app replicates the functionality of Call of Duty: Black Ops' emblem creator exactly - all 489 emblems are replicated in the game, which you can put in up to 12 layers, in a variety of colors. You can move, scale, and rotate them to your heart's content. As some of the emblems are not available unless you play the game an obscene amount, or just don't have a job, you can also use this app to toy around with those emblems that you will never be able to get. This is a relatively simple app, but thankfully does support fast app switching and the Retina Display for your on-the-go emblem creation. Call of Duty: Black Ops addicts may want to check this one out, though one can only hope that it proves to be a catalyst for some kind of official solution from Call of Duty publisher Activision that would allow users to modify their actual emblems via this app.