iAudition Makes Voice Recording Easy And Fast

Posted by Jennifer Allen on October 19th, 2011
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

The built in Voice Memos app does its best to help those who need a voice recording app. It is pretty limited in its execution, however, and frequently lacks functionality that would make it essential for the likes of journalists and voiceover artists in need of recording an audition. This is precisely where iAudition springs into action.

As the name suggests, iAudition enables users to record and edit audio files wherever they are. One of the neatest functions is the ability to send completed files as MP3s directly to anyone via email or FTP site. Such functionality immediately makes iAudition a much faster app than those that rely on a PC connection to convert and send files.

Controls are simple yet effective with the ability to record multiple takes and cut and paste segments together. It all works just right, removing all the effort for the user. There's even the ability to perform background recording sessions so that the user can read something from the iOS device while recording at the same time.

iAudition is out now priced at $5.99.