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iOS 7: Group Text! has Been Redesigned and Revamped for iOS 7

Posted by Rob Rich on September 18th, 2013
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Update: 9/30/2013
It's become apparent that users who have updated Group Text! have been having some severe issues with the app not working properly. We've reached out to the developer and learned that the problem is something most, if not all, third party text apps are having with iOS 7. You can check out the official developer response below the original post, but for now the best thing to do is make use of the "send in batches" feature as a workaround.

Group Text!, an app specifically created to make group/selective messaging easier, has recently been updated with a few new features and an iOS 7 makeover.

The app has received an improved list manager that now includes search and mass-edit functions, has revamped attachment support, a redesigned info screen that mirrors iOS 7's minimal look, and miscellaneous bug fixes, of course. The update is already live, so if you're in the mood for a sleek group messaging app why not give it a download?

From Andrea Vettori:

Apple's senior engineer Jason Guy confirmed that it is indeed an iOS bug and they're going to fix it, but a system update (hopefully 7.0.3 and not 7.1...) is needed. Group Text! has been tested up to the latest beta of iOS 7 and it was working well, and it has also a long history of very happy users until iOS 7 has been released. Once we noticed it didn't work well with the GM version we worked night and day to add the "send in batches" feature to try to help existing customers and new customers to not be left alone with the bug. Ours is the only app, as far as I know, that offers this as a workaround.

In the hope Apple could fix the issue in time for the public release we submitted the app update with the batches feature, knowing that this could badly impact the app's popularity and rating (which did in fact happen). Leaving the iOS 6 version on the App Store was probably an easier solution while waiting for the fix from Apple, but this wouldn't be good for our existing customers. We care a lot about customer satisfaction and this is one of the reasons why our app is so popular.

At the moment Apple has not told me when the problem will be fixed. I only know they're working on it. Some users of the app found a way to go back to iOS 6 the first week after the 7 release. Others found an old device and they're using it for texting. We have a newsletter that can be subscribed to be notified when Apple releases a fix. Please let me know if this clarifies.

Don't hesitate to ask if you need more information and thanks again for writing.


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