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Posted by Amy Solomon on November 10th, 2011
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Transport Jigsaw Puzzles 123 for iPad is the terrific sequel to the original app, Farm Jigsaw Puzzles 123 for iPad. Seven scenes are included here that wonderfully introduce many vehicles and means of transportation, both traditional and unique, as well as a very fun, puzzle experience with the choice of using 2 to 16 puzzle pieces per scene and include hints if needed. There is also an iPhone version of this app available with 5 puzzle scenes included.

I have really enjoyed both of the apps in this series. The choices these developers come up with are unique to what is commonly found in applications that focus on the same subjects, as here scenes include not only vehicles found in a busy city or in one’s neighborhood, but include space, construction and a military theme as well. With 7 scenes available and a range of 6 to 8 individual puzzles among these pages, 46 puzzles in total will keep kids engaged for a long time.

Nicely intuitive for children, one simply scrolls through the seven themes that are offered, tapping to make a choice which will enlarge the scene. Another tap will transform the various vehicles into individual jigsaw puzzle choices that need to be completed.

I like that instead of simply filling in the characters with individual “chunky” puzzle pieces, a mini-jigsaw puzzle is included for each selection that showcases the details of each individual vehicle nicely. These scenes are illustrated by hand with brilliant colors that look great on the iPad and include a lot of implied action which kids will have fun with and be engaged by.

My son has a few vehicle puzzles, both with “chunky” wood pieces as well as larger jigsaw floor puzzles that we enjoy. I have never heard any complaints from him about how the same common vehicles like school bus, fire truck, train, or car are used among these puzzles, but it is a special treat to see the different scenes offered here, such as many construction vehicles working together in a dirt pit or the military choices, including a stealth bomber, jet fighter, aircraft carrier and destroyer. A behind-the-scene look at an airport is nicely touched upon as well, including not just a helicopter and airplane, but airport stair truck, luggage truck and airport tanker. When each puzzle is complete, the word representing the vehicle in question is both narrated and shown on the screen below. This teaches some new vocabulary to kids and also creates moments for opened questions about topics such as space stations, satellites and space shuttles, as well as anything else found in this fun, educational app.

This puzzle app also stands out from the crowd as here, these puzzles may range from 2 to 16 pieces, nicely personalizing this experience to the level of difficulty appropriate for each player.

I am a big believer in hints being offered to kids in interactive apps, and I like that here, one can be helped by turning on a back light of sorts found in a button below the jigsaw in question, allowing one to see a faint highlight of this puzzle’s outlines - especially helpful when the pieces get smaller and more numerous.

There are few changes I would make within this app. The music is very pleasant to listen to for long stretches, which I greatly appreciate, but I do notice that the button to tap in order to give players the chance to change the number of puzzle pieces is somewhat hidden behind a sun at top right of the page. I would love this icon to be changed to a puzzle piece instead to aid children in finding this most important function. It would also be nice if in a future update, a scene of recreational vehicles can also be included, such as a hot air balloon, zip line, or hang glider. I look forward to other puzzles apps these developers may come up with.

Transport Jigsaw Puzzles 123 is certainly an app that would keep kids interested for a long time, including children of different ages, making this a perfect family app.

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