Developer: Cartoon Network
Price: $0.99
Version: 1.0
App Reviewed on: iPad 2

Graphics / Sound Rating: ★★★★½
Game Controls Rating: ★★★★½
Gameplay Rating: ★★★★½
Re-use / Replay Value Rating: ★★★★½

Overall Rating: ★★★★½

Mutant Fridge Mayhem – Gumball is based off the popular Cartoon Network show. This beat ‘em up game requires players to destroy the leftover food that has mutated and come to life. While it may look like a children’s game and show on the surface, it’s actually quite enjoyable for all ages.

The storyline is incorporated into the game when players first start. When Dad’s expired jelly mutates all the food in the fridge, the kids Gumball, Darwin and Anais must beat up the food before it destroys them.

The controls are exceptional and make the game easy to play. The characters are controlled by touching and dragging on the left side of the screen. When it’s time to attack, tap on the right side of the screen. There are power-ups and special attacks that are accessed at the top left corner. These attacks recharge so they can be used more than once during each stage. On a side note, gamers can change the movement sensitivity if things don’t feel right.

Destroying the mutant food results in coins that players must collect quickly because they disappear from the screen. These coins are used to purchase upgrades and power-ups that level up characters. Along with collecting coins, each level often has items to help gamers like more health, tennis rackets and various other weapons.

The main objective is to not only collect a lot of coins, but to also earn a high combo to get the top score in order to earn all three stars in each of the stages. This can be quite difficult as the game progresses since all the characters initially only have three lives, so gamers will need to form a strategy and tag team the other characters into each level when possible in order to use their special attacks wisely.

What makes Mutant Fridge Mayhem – Gumball so much fun is the challenging gameplay. It’s often difficult to earn three stars in each of the 30 levels so the replay value is high. There are also Game Center leaderboards and achievements to earn as well as endless modes to unlock and play.

While there are in-app purchases, they aren’t required to beat the game. They range from coin packs to unlocking all the stages. It seems like they are more for the impatient. Aside from IAPs, it’s hard to find any faults. I noted that it could use a left-hand control option, more levels and it would be nice to know how many points are needed to earn all three stars in each stage.However, these are all trivial inconveniences.

All in all, Mutant Fridge Mayhem – Gumball oozes fun. From the well-polished artwork and enjoyable music to the addicting gameplay and exciting power-ups, it’s an instant classic and highly recommendable.

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