Mirta – The super fly is a creative story with an interesting message for children as well as a great sense of visual style.

This is the story of Mirta, a fly who would like to see the world, but she needs to leave the house she is currently occupying to do so. I really enjoy how prepared Mirta is with her maps of the world and the intense training she goes through including dangerous missions to avoid fly swatters and the like.

Finally, Mirta attempts to fly out a window, trying and trying but to no avail as Mirta does not realize the window is closed and she is repeatedly flying into the glass, time and time again, being unaware of the other various exits, such as an open door, window, skylight and vent – all within her reach if she had been more aware of her surroundings.

I really enjoy this story a great deal as a moral is included unlike any moral I have come across in any other application – here about “flexible thinking” defined as “the capacity to generate alternatives” which teaches children the importance of not being rigid in their thinking about the benefits of thinking outside the box. I love this message as I have often said that I hope my son grows up to be resourceful as this strength would open up any and all doors to his future.

This storybook includes excellent narration as well as a chance to read this book out loud as well. No animated interactions are offered although sound effects are included and a hidden sound can be found on each page. What this app does possess is wonderful illustrations and an impressive use of tonal colors, each page including a unique color theme, such as a page of pink, blue or green, including various shades of this color as well as white. This creates a dynamic look I really appreciate, especially when this color style is broken and multiple colors are found on a page, creating a moment that is striking and really pops off the page. I also am very fond of the imperfect textures and color-saturated areas also found within, creating a distressed vague vintage quality I also enjoy.

Mirta – The super fly is of the highest quality and lacks nothing from excluding more interactive moments. Both English and Spanish recordings are included with the use of native speakers – always a nice touch, Although I cannot judge the Spanish narration, I can say the English narration is excellent, clear and rich-sounding. Because of these wonderful elements, I am impressed that this app is free to introduce families to the “Brainy Tales” series of applications that also include thoughtful, if not cerebral, morals that children can learn a lot from.

Mirta – The Super Fly has absolutely piqued my interest in this series of applications by the developers at Next Stage. I am very interested to see what applications they come up with in the future.

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