Developer: IIS
Price: $1.99
Version: 1.0
App Reviewed on: iPhone 5

iOS IntegrationRating: ★★★★½
User InterfaceRating: ★★★★★
Re-use Value Rating: ★★★★½

Overall Rating: ★★★★½

Google Music doesn’t yet have an official app, which is why there are many third-party ones popping up in the App Store. The original gMusic app was the best alternative available until gMusic 2 was recently released. It aims to make the user experience better on iOS7.

There are quite a few new design elements and gestures added to the app that make it a perfect match for the latest iOS upgrade. For instance, the Now Playing panel can be swiped up with a simple gesture form the bottom of the screen, and the side menu appears sleeker and well-organized.

gmusic 2gmusic 2 8

Of course there’s more to gMusic 2 than its new design. The app also has support for the Google Play All Access service, an option to use iOS’s built-in sleep timer, the ability to add music content to the Library directly in the app, a 10 band equalizer, full playlist editing and offline playback. These are just a handful of the features that the app currently offers, which is what makes it stand out from all the other Google music players out there.

There’s little to be discouraged about when using gMusic 2. There’s an auto rate prompt bug that pops up each time the app is opened, but this is set to be fixed in the newest update. My only complaint is that there’s now way to set the app to a different color scheme other than orange.

It’s appropriate that it was released separately instead of as an update because it has vastly improved. gMusic 2 provides iOS users with a clean and beautiful interface along with amazing features not seen elsewhere, which makes it the best solution until Google releases an official app. Anyone who uses Google Music will want to add this to their collection today.

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