Alex The Handyman – Kids Educational App is a cute and fun app allowing children to use various tools to help friends with a variety of home repairs.

Ten scenes are included, with a total of fifteen chores to complete, each one bright and colorful to look at as one meets a friendly animal character who needs help.

From fixing fence posts and ladders to a tree house, to inflating a tire on a car or mending a tear in a dress, Alex the Handyman is a true jack-of-all-trades as he takes on tasks such as sewing, painting, spot-cleaning stains or light gardening.

Children will need to choose the correct tool for the job, such as wrench to tighten a leaky faucet or screwdriver to repair a toy, that will become highlighted if help is needed.

For the most part, this app is intuitive, but there are moments I feel as though I over-think these interactions as I try to use these tools too specifically, such as dragging a needle and thread in a sewing motion to fix a tear when all that is needed is a simple tap. At other times, such as when fixing broken wires from a lamp, children may need help understanding that wire stripping is needed, making this a nice app for adults to share with toddlers and pre-school children.

Likewise, parents will want to explain to their children than some of these tasks in real life are jobs that only adults should tackle, such as putting out a kitchen fire on the stove or fixing the cord of a lamp. It is nice that children can learn about these devices safely on their iPad, but nevertheless a conversation needs to take place.

I can see children returning to these scenes often to re-play these handyman role-playing activities. My son has enjoyed play tools for quite some time now, and I am surprised at how few apps have taken on this subject.

For these reasons, I can recommend Alex the Handyman for young app users.

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