Advent Tree 2011 is a very nice universal children’s app which includes 24 mini-games to be played as one taps the numbers found on the Christmas tree from 1 to 24.

Although a calendar mode exists allowing players a new game starting December 1st, it makes most sense at this late date not to use this function but to allow the included games to be played all at once. This being the case, gameplay is intuitive as this app opens up to a nicely decorated tree which includes numbers from 1-24, each moving to get the player’s attention, with a tap bringing players to each new game.

The included mini-games are each short, but the inclusion of 24 activities in total gives this app a lot of nice content. This app would be great for toddlers who need quick and simple activities.

Mini-games include puzzles, connect-the-dots activities, find the difference games, adding the face to a snowman or a simple game of “memory.” I can definitely see toddlers and early preschoolers really enjoying this app with a parent, and I like that these games are explained with the tap of a question mark, with the explanation including text as well as a visual clue, aiding children who are not yet reading.

I appreciate that this app saves the progress one makes tapping from 1-24, but it would be especially nice to choose favorite game levels as well.

Although a Christmas app, I can imagine young children enjoying this application long after tho holiday season, as these games are numerous and very short to complete, making them perfect for a toddler’s first experience with these types of activities.

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