ABC Go is the second universal educational app from the developers at Peapod Labs which teaches not only the alphabet but now also different means of transportation through various photos as well as video clips and fun facts.

This app works very similarly to ABC Wild!, an app that I was impressed with, as I am with ABC Go. Tap on a letter from the main menu and then scroll through corresponding pictures of something transportation-related that starts with the same letter chosen. At the bottom of the screen, the object will be spelled out and any of these letters can also be chosen as well or you can choose your favorite from the index. If online, the object’s picture can be tapped and you are connected to a YouTube video or just read about your choice by tapping the question mark. It is very helpful that the index keeps track of what photos you have already looked at and what else there is for you to discover.

I think the photos and the background music used are very well done, and I appreciate the interesting and sometimes unusual perspectives used when taking photographs. The videos used from YouTube seem less raw than in the ABC Wild! application and many of them have their own sound tracks producing a nice effect, my favorite being the first video for the word “jetpack.” I like how there are multiple videos as well as photos for each word, and many of the videos have very different tones to them, making for an even more interesting experience.

There is a lot to look at and explore here, even without being connected to the internet – something important to us because many of these apps are used when we are out and about, without the benefit of WiFi. It would be nice if at some point the facts on both ABC Wild! and ABC Go could be narrated for the times I am not able to read them out loud to my son. Having said this, these apps are great choices for any inquisitive child or adult.

I am very curious to see what the developers at Peapod Labs come up with next, be it another in this series, or something entirely new. I will be very interested to see what it has to offer.

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