The much anticipated Zombie Gunship Survival is here. In this latest entry in the Zombie Gunship franchise, you're tasked with supporting ground troops and protecting your base from the zombie horde. There's a lot of rich base building fun, and plenty of weapons to upgrade.

But all of that choice can feel a bit overwhelming to start. Here are a few beginner tips to help you start to grow your base and become a true survivor.

Give your guns an early boost

Early on, your guns are plagued by long cooldown times and low damage output. Spend some of your early earnings boosting your guns to give yourself some better firepower. Stronger guns will help you collect more resources more efficiently, in turn allowing you to grow your base substantially early on.

Place your units wisely

Before you start a mission, you can choose where you want to drop your ground units. This choice could determine the outcome of the mission, so be careful. Try to place your units away from zombie nests or gun towers. If it's unavoidable, try to place your soldiers near only one of these hazards and be sure to take out any threats immediately.

Maintain your defenses

Completing missions keeps your base well stocked, but you'll also need to build your defenses at home. Use some resources to steadily level up your HQ. You'll soon be able to upgrade your fences and barricades, as well as your gun towers, to keep you better protected from zombies and raiders.

There's a lot ot master in Zombie Gunship Survival, but don't worry too much. Shooting swarms of zombies is so satisfying you'll be eager to dig in and learn more. Keep these tips in mind and the early hours of the game will be smooth sailing.

Already have a sturdy base going strong? Share your own advice in the comments.

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