Zen Bound 2 Coming To The iPad

Posted by Chris Hall on March 5th, 2010

Who would've guessed that one of the biggest App Store hits thus far would involve wrapping string around a wooden object? Apparently the success of the original Zen Bound even took developers by surprise. "We never expected the calm gameplay of wrapping wooden statues with rope to find such a great audience on the iPhone, much less win multiple awards over the year."

Fortunately for us, the team over at Secret Exit announced Zen Bound 2 today, and it is specifically being tweaked to take advantage of the iPad's graphic and size advantages. On top of that, Secret Exit has said that Zen Bound 2 "is both a sequel and a revision to the original, with more music from Ghost Monkey, new levels and new kinds of gameplay, but Zen Bound 2 also includes the original soundtrack and upgraded versions of all levels from the first game." Secret Exit expects Zen Bound 2 to launch right around the iPad launch date... my guess is that the launches will coincide. There's no video trailer yet, but there are a ton of screenshots after the break. Enjoy!

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