War Wings beginner's guide - how to pull off special maneuvers and more

Posted by Jessica Famularo on August 18th, 2017
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War Wings is the newest project from well-established game maker Miniclip. It's a World War II aerial dogfighting game with loads of different airplane models to unlock and battle.

The game offers plenty of single player and multiplayer action. We have a few tips to help you take to the skies.

Use tactical views to your advantage

War Wings offers three viewpoints that will help you out with different in-game scenarios. Tap on your minimap to change views.

God View gives you a broad look at all of the surrounding planes in the area. It's a good view if you need to re-center and assess your battle strategy. You can tap enemies in your view to lock onto them.

Jager View will automatically track any enemy you're locked onto. This is the perfect viewpoint when you're playing the offensive and are ready to go in for the kill.

Padlock View lets you see where you are in relation to an enemy you have targeted. This is good for performing defensive maneuvers and playing more carefully.

Master the different special maneuvers

Special maneuvers give you a good tactical advantage if you can learn to pull them off. All you really need to do is swipe in the right direction at the proper time.

If you want to increase your staying power in combat, perform defensive maneuvers where you can. The game alerts you when you're under attack, and a circle will appear in your window. You can also take a look at the minimap to get an idea of where the fire is coming from. Swipe towards a safe direction to do a dodge roll out of danger.

You can also perform counter maneuvers, which are only available in PvE mode. After you perform a defensive maneuver, you can swipe back in towards your enemy for a strong counter attack.

Time Bomb Drops Carefully

Dropping bombs, if you hadn't guessed, is serious business and requires some forethought. If you're attacking ground troops, make sure you're far enough from the ground to perform the attack. Fly high enough before turning into a dive. Keep your target, which should be inside a circle indicator. Once that indicator turns white, it's finally time to drop the bomb.

Complete Daily Challenges

Complete the daily challenges for some special single player missions. They offer decent practice and do a great job of teaching you more advanced techniques using viewpoints, bombs, and other weapons.

Be sure to share your own War Wings tips in the comments below.

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