Ever since the start of the World Cup, we have seen a slew of soccer apps come out. Unfortunately, the majority of the apps are soccer simulations, leading to obvious limitations on the small iPhone screen. There's just no good way to pack all of the complexities that soccer offers, from the moves to the different types of passes to the great shots... there just isn't enough screen real estate for the needed buttons.

Instead of a traditional soccer game, Gamerizon has made a soccer game that looks like the iPhone version of Mario Strikers, just with simpler controls.

"There are no virtual pads or buttons. All that's needed is one finger to control all offensive and defensive actions. To move, you just slide your finger on the screen. To pass, shoot or tackle, you just flick your finger in the direction you want your player or ball to go. That's it! Those commands make Chop Chop Soccer™ the most intuitive soccer game ever created."

Be sure to check out the video below, the game looks like a ton of fun.

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