Remember the good old days, when holiday promotions didn't start until after Thanksgiving? If you're like me, your inbox is already flooded with promotional emails. Enough, already!

Blacksmith Games, thankfully, isn't starting this promotion until December 1st—that sounds reasonable, doesn't it?—but what they're offering is sure to delight any and all App Store junkies. Their new program is an "Appvent Calender," and if all goes as planned, customers will be able to get a different free game every day, from December 1st to the 24th.

Jo from Blacksmith Games writes:

While finishing Plushed I got the idea to make an advent calendar with free games. It is called appvent calendar :-) Developers can apply for providing their game for free for one day. Then 24 games will be chosen.

It looks like they need more developers to join the program before it takes off, though, so any developers interested in participating should apply here. Jo is quick to point out that this benefits developers and much as customers; switching an app to free for one day, combined with the Appvent Calender, should generate a nice promotional boost.

Meanwhile, customers should check once December hits. Let's cross our fingers and hope that the free games are good ones...Talk about a sweet treat!

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