It doesn't seem like military strategy games will ever go out of style, and with mobile capabilities increasing by the minute, they're also becoming a hugely popular genre on iOS and Android, too. Today we're going to pay homage to the naval strategy games on mobile devices, namely ones that remind us a bit of WarGaming's hugely successful World of Warships.Let's take a look!

Battle Bay

Rovio's newest original IP is a surprising aquatic battle game. The waves physics are unique and make for some compelling strategy, and we love customizing and building little war boats that fit our favorite strategies.

Fleet Glory

Fleet GloryfollowsWorld of Warshipsblueprint pretty closely. Players can choose from dozens of historical warships before heading into exciting third-person naval combat. Work with a team to take out your enemies and save the day.

Battle Fleet 2

Battle Fleet 2is the perfect game for World War II history buffs. This title lets you recreate famous Pacific Ocean battles with careful detail. You can create your own fleet before setting it on your enemies in thrilling turn-based combat.

Do you have a favorite military strategy game? Let us know in the comments!

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