If you’ve ever caught yourself staring up at the night sky, taking in the billions of stars that softly illuminate the sky, wanting to know more about what you’re seeing, then Star Rover HD might be worth checking out for you.

The app offers users accurate and real-time information on the stars. All 88 constellations are included in the app, as well as all of the planets and their moons. The app also features high quality pictures of nebulae. Furthermore, Star Rover HD even uses equatorial and azimuthal grids, giving you coordinates for everything in the sky.

The whole experience is virtual in nature – this is not an augmented reality app. But, graphically, it looks solid. The app automatically identifies your current location and you can use pinch-to-zoom to get a closer look and more information on just about everything in the sky.

Best of all, Star Rover HD is available on the iTunes App Store for free.

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Released: 2011-05-17 :: Category: Education

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