Rush guide - beginner tips and tricks for survival

Posted by Jessica Famularo on December 5th, 2017
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is a new tough-as-nails endless arcade game from Ketchapp that sees you guiding a ball down an endless neon track while avoiding obstacles along the way. The concept is simple, but it's fast-paced and fun, and most definitely a challenge.

Rush can seem impossibly difficult on our first few tries, but give it some time and follow these tips and you'll be zipping around with the competition in no time.

Don't switch if you don't need to

Because of the frantic nature of the game, it's easy to switch to the other side of the track after every obstacle as you try to harness some control. Try to avoid that temptation, though, as a lot of the time you'll see several obstacles on one side of the track before you have to switch again. Switching needlessly is a quick way to die, so pay attention.

Keep your eyes ahead

In line with our first point of advice, always look slightly ahead down the track. This will give you an idea of which way you need to go in just a few seconds. It's probably the best way to avoid running into obstacles.

Complete challenges

At the bottom of the menu screen, you'll notice challenges that give you little goals to complete. These tasks ask you to score a total of 50 points, or survive or a set amount of time. While you don't get much by way of rewards, it is a helpful way to get you motivated, and they're good practice. Working towards these goals will improve your skill, allowing you to reach higher scores.

Have you already raced to the top of the leader boards inRush? Share your own tips in the comments below.

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