Rules of Survival guide - how to be the last person standing

Posted by Jessica Famularo on November 18th, 2017
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The PUBG craze makes its way to mobile, with more and more battle royale games debuting on iOS and Android. Rules of Survival joins the ranks of mobile PUBG-likes, offering a classic battle royale experiences that doesn't vary too much from its famous PC counterpart.

With any competitive survival game of this nature though, there are a lot of strategies to consider so that you're not taken out by other skilled opponents. Here are a few tips to help you hone your game in Rules of Survival.

Learn the map

At the beginning of every match, players parachute out of a plane, choosing a location to land. Play a few rounds to get a feel for the land. Try to find good spots full of plenty of loot, but that doesn't get too crowded. Landing in super popular areas can be a little more difficult, as competition for loot and survival is a lot higher when people are racing to be the first to get a gun.

Learn how to shoot on the go

If you want to become a top player in Rules of Survival, you'll need to master every facet of gameplay. You can bunker down and shoot from cover or from within a building, but eventually you're going to have to move as the playing field gradually shrinks. You should learn how to run and shoot at the same time, because other people are going to be doing the same thing. It's an important skill to practice if you're going to become a versatile player.

Loot, loot, and loot some more

Shooting people is all well and good, but you should constantly be on the lookout for bigger and better guns,as well as pack upgrades. Enter buildings with closed doors, but the further into the match, note that there still might be players hiding in wait for gullible newcomers.

Are you a Rules of Survival expert? Share your own tips in the comments below.

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