Power Rangers: Legacy Wars beginner's guide

Posted by Jessica Famularo on March 28th, 2017
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Rita Repulsa is back, but this time she's invading your mobile phone in Power Rangers: Legacy Wars. What looks to be a straightforward beat 'em up is actually a tough-as-nails multiplayer strategy game that requires some deft tactical maneuvering. We have a few tips to help you on your way.

Rock, paper, scissors, punch
Never forget the rock, paper, scissors-style attack wheel. Rather than throwing cards about wildly, choose abilities that give you the advantage against your opponent. Play to your strengths and weaknesses and define the flow of battle.

Remember that Strike (yellow) beats Breaker (red), and Breaker beats Defense (Blue). Defense, in turn, beats Strike. All of your cards are color coded, so you can see which moves will have be especially effective on your opponent.

Remember you can move around
When you're frantically trying to come up with card combos, it can be easy to forget that you can also move around the battlefield. If you want to avoid an attack, remember that you can scoot your character back a little bit.

Your assists are also affected by this mobility. The Pink Ranger, Kimberly Hart, for example, is a ranged fighter, so make sure that you're standing back when you call her into battle. The Yellow Ranger, on the other hand, likes to get up close and personal, so you'll want to be within punching range when you summon her.

Timing is everything
Part and parcel with dodging about the battlefield is the game's timing element. This isn't a game that caters to button mashers. Instead, you're really going to need to get a feel for your character and their different attacks. Learn how quickly attacks take to charge up, and use that knowledge to move in and out of range so that enemies have no chance of hitting you while you lay on the combos.

If you have your own& Power Rangers: Legacy Wars tips, we'd love to hear them. Share your advice in the comments below.

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