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Posted by Chris Hall on February 12th, 2010
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Being an app reviewer, I often wonder what kind of impact our reviews, and the advertisements on the site, actually have on app sales. While I won't claim to be the spark that makes an app sell, I do hope that our positive reviews and articles do indeed help out some of the smaller developers apps. Nothing against Gameloft or EA, but I almost feel a bit of civic duty to showcase an app like geoDefense Swarm every once in awhile.

Almost sensing my wonder of such matters, ustwo™, the development team most famous for trademarking every word they write, along with AdMob, created PositionApp™. PositionApp™ has one purpose and one purpose only... to track the position of apps on global App Store charts. "PositionApp™ offers instant remote access to all chart positions of the top 300 apps, and their movements in all categories and countries. For the very first time, users can access the last six months of historic app store performance through the ustwo™ data set."

mills, co-founder of ustwo™, comments, "Successful app development is as much about marketing and PR as it is about the concept and creation. As app developers we wanted to understand our sales volume, gauge the penetration of our marketing strategies and easily follow the success of the app once it leaves the nest. We created PositionApp™ because as developers we wanted and more importantly needed this app. As well as giving you access to the top 300 positions of all charts in all countries, PositonApp's USP is its 6 months of retrospective app positioning data.

"PositionApp™ was created for developers, marketers, journalists and reviewers, but by adding a revolutionary set of app discovery dashboards highlighting the biggest app risers in the top 100 and top 300, the app will be appreciated by just about any app user."

Pick up PositionApp™ soon, because in two months it'll cost you. That's right... PositionApp™ is totally free!


iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
Released: 2010-02-11 :: Category: Game


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