The Portable Podcast, Episode 103

Posted by Carter Dotson on September 21st, 2011
iPad App - Designed for iPad

It's a whole new world...with pirates!

On This Episode:

  • Carter speaks to Jordan Weisman of Harebrained Schemes about their new turn-based strategy game for iPad, Crimson: Steam Pirates, as well as discussing the differences between console development and development for modern mobile platforms.
  • Carter speaks to Another World creator Eric Chahi on the heels of the upcoming 20th anniversary release of the game for iOS, discussing the work that went into making the game work on a touchscreen, as well as his thoughts on how the modern mobile gaming scene compares to around when he made Another World.

  • Who We Are:

  • Host: Carter Dotson
  • Guest: Jordan Weisman, Harebrained Schemes
  • Guest: Eric Chahi
  • Music:

  • "Beatnes7 (Theme to The Portable Podcast)" by The Eternal - Download on iTunes here:

  • "Nanocarp" by The Eternal

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  • Apps Mentioned in this Episode:

    Crimson: Steam Pirates

    iPad App - Designed for iPad
    Released: 2011-09-01 :: Category: Game


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