What I Played on the Road to GDC 2014

Posted by Rob Rich on March 17th, 2014

GDC is upon us, and a number of industry folks are gathering San Francisco in order to take part - myself included. Since it's about a 6 hour flight from New York I decided to load my phone up before I left with the idea that I'd have a massive selection of games to occupy me. In addition to what I normally have on there I also decided to add games like Brandnew Boy, Out There, and Starbase Orion. But the game that really occupied the majority of my time is one I didn't expect: Calculords.

Perhaps it was because I slept for most of the flight and didn't have the time to play everything. Maybe I wanted something to get my brain moving again after I was done napping. Or maybe it's just excellent and I wanted to keep playing it. Whatever the reason, I played Calculords significantly more than anything else on this trip. It kept me entertained, woke me up (all that math!), and it's just, well, fun.

This is, of course, not to say that my other picks were bad in any way. Quite the contrary, really. But Calculords really is something special. I might be a tad biased because I have a soft sport for card games, though.

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