Mighty Battles, the latest title from Hothead Games, is set to take the App Store by storm. The game puts a welcome twist on lane battlers, adding FPS elements to spice things up a bit.

You'll collect cards to put your own military unit to gether, but you shouldn't just be assigning units willy nilly. You're only as strong as your team in this game, and you'll want to arrange your party with some care. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Diversify your units

Try to keep all of your bases covered. You'll want some units who specialize in close range combat, aerial units, defensive units, etc. Make sure your army can handle any situation your enemies will throw at you.

If you're not exactly sure where to start, you can't go wrong including an infantryman and a chopper in your team. Infantrymen are good, common cards that dole out decent damage, and the chopper will help you take out enemies from afar.

Test out your new units

The best way to test your new squad is to play the game. We're not talking about testing things out in AI battles. You're going to have to engage in combat with real-life players in PVP. See how your units stack up against the competition with a few battles, and make a note of where your weaknesses lie. Then, you can go back in and rearrange your squad as needed.

Check out your opponents' squads and experiment

The best way to learn is to try new things. As we mentioned above, pay attention to why your opponent might be beating you, noting some of the cards they're using. See if any of these units can fill in the gaps on your own team, or try to find a good counter for them.

Be sure to share your own expert squad building tips in the comments below!

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